The Ceramic Study Group
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The C.S.G Inc. has a collection of videos which are available for members to borrow:

1. Greg Daly - Throwing Techniques => A very good teaching video on basic Throwing Techniques.

2. Greg Daly - Finishing, Turning, Decoration & Glazing => Covers turning techniques - chattering, slip decoration, (textures,finger combing, slip fluting, trailing), oxide decoration.

3. Greg Daly - Handbuilding 1 => Slab rolled forms - textures, coloured clay, coloured slips, airbrushing, flipping.

4.Greg Daly - Handbuilding 2 => Slab techniques with coloured clays, slab patterns developed from slips and leather hard coloured clay. Opens ones mind to endless possibilities.

5. Greg Daly - Raku & Blackfiring. => Simple sawdust kilns, blackfiring with gas - some ideas you may not have tried. How to make simple fibre raku kiln. Gives understanding of basic raku.

6. Greg Daly - Moulds and Decoration. => Press moulds and slip moulds - making variations on their uses.

7. Greg Daly - Syllabus for Beginners, Part 1. => Pottery Basics for teaching beginners.

8. Greg Daly - Syllabus for Beginners, Part 2. => Pottery Basics for teaching beginners.

9. Graeme Wilkie 1 - Throwing & Turning (1985). => Graeme throws a teapot, coffee mugs, narrow neck bottle, turns plates on a chuck, handle on a jug, cup & saucer.

10. Graeme Wilkie 2 - Creative Handwork (1985). => Altering and additions to wheel thrown forms.

11. Six English Potters (1986) => A video will worth viewing. Shows a variety of wheel and hand techniques; garden pots, functional ware, ocarinas, figurines, boxes.

12. Chris James - Teapots from CSG Meeting. => Have you ever tried to throw a teapot "upside down"? That is the teapot, not you. Slip decoration - ideas to try.

13. Mudbrick Pottery - Primitive Firing Field Day 1990. => Made by colin Southcomb of Musselbrook. This video really captures the spirit of the Mudbrick Pottery and the kind of work our members produce at these firing weekends.

The following three videos were transferred from the American NSTC standard to the PAL standard and have lost some clarity in the process.

14. Piepenburg - Smoke Firing - "No Fire" => A firing more suited to country members' conditions. Note that all temperatures refer to American Farenheit, not Celcius that we use in Australia.

15. Piepenburg - Firing and Reduction. => Gas fired raku, preparation of reduction material for post firing reduction, quenching. Gives a good understanding of raku and how one can control some of the effects.

16. Piepenburg - Clay, Glazes and Tongs. => Talks about raku clay - will help you decide what will work well for you. Full of ideas if you listen and observe closely. Glaze Techniques. How to make a simple set of Tongs.

17. Hildegard Anstice - Mudbrick Pottery (1991) =>Her kilns and inspirations. Throwing large pots, decorating techniques, raku process, marketing. A well made video produced by Lisarow High School Art teachers on Central Coast of NSW.

18. Mudbrick Pottery Primitive Firing Weekend (1991) => A record of the CSG weekend when bonfire, black, salt bisque, underground, Pueblo and raku firings wee carried out.

19. Pottery - Who Needs a Wheel? => Marriane Wright shows just what you can achieve by using your hands and your imagination.

20. Clay Modelling the Human Face => An excellent video if you want to know more about clay modelling, head proportions.

21. Pottery Tour of Japan (1994) => Well worth viewing if you are planning a trip to Japan.

Videos (22-26) are a BBC series and a delight to view. Made in the 70's, they show the likes of Michael Cardew, Alan Caiger-Smith, Mary Rogers, David Leach and Michael Casson demonstrating and talking on just how they go about their work.

22. BBC 1 - Handbuilding. => Michael Casson and Mary Rogers.

23. BBC 2 - Throwing => Michael Casson and David Leach.

24. BBC 3 - Decorating => Michael Casson and Alan Caiger-Smith.

25. BBC 4 - Glaze and Fire => Simple, basic and inspiring.

26. BBC 5 - Talking about Pots. => A group of potters including Michael Cardew discussing what to them makes a good pot.

27. Introduction & Surface Removal => Slashing, carving, surface decoration, expanded spring wire, faceting, washed wax, scratching, cutting, filigree, fluting, sgraffito.

28. Marks of Addition and Impression. => Burlap and Slip, modelling, sticks, found objects, paddles, paper and slip, sprig moulds, stamps, lino cuts, rolled rope.

29. Liquid and Coloured Clays => Mishima, onda, combing, dottiing, mocha diffusions, thrown coloured clays, faceted laminated clays, Hakeme, drawing with slips, feathering, marbling, Neriage block-making, fluted laminated clays.

30. Pigments and Resists => Brushes, sponge stamps, underglaze pastels, paper resists, Majolica, underglaze pencils, ceramic watercolurs, wax resists, banding.

31. Glazes and Glazing => Surfaces and Firing Temps, glaze development, glaze mixing, dipping, applying dry materials, glaze intaglio, trailing, crystalline surfaces brushing, poouring, spraying, stamping, multiple glazes.

32. Firing and Post-Firing Effects. => Primitive (pit firing), oxidation (electric), post-firing reduction, salt and soda firing, reduced lustres, raku firing, reduction (gas), wood firing, sagger firing, resonate lustres.

33. Elements of Form (30 min) => Introduction to form and design,, geometric form, integrted form, proportion and relationshiips, the Golden Mean, mathamatics and nature, organic form, classical form, functional considerations.

34. Lids and Terminations (51 min) => Overall form and the making of details, top and bottom terminations, lips, feet and lid styles and variations. Studio demonstrations and examples of different potters' use of these details.

35. Spouts and Handles (50 min) => overall form and the making of details, specifically spouts, finials, and handles. Studio demonstrations and examples of many different potters' work.

36. Pots for Eating and Drinking (36 min) => Design concepts and making processes of tableware, plates and bowls, and drinking vessels such as mugs, cups and saucers, goblets and teabowls. Examples of a range of dinnerware styles from well-known potters.

37. Pots for Cooking and Serving (50 min) => Design concepts and making processes for pitchers, jugs, teapots, wine and liquer decanters, sake bottles, sauce boats, casseroles, steamers, bakers, serving vessels and pots made for storing. Examples of work by many potters.

38. Variations on Raku with Gordon Hutchens (33 min) => Includes printed notes and recipes. Features raku applications of the following processes: Terra Sigliatta, Sagger Ware, Post-Firing Reduction, Fuming, Slip Resists.

39. Beryl Cook => A Britsh painter and her observations of people. Quite humourous and wonderful for sculptors to view.

40. Commercial Production of Tableware => In two parts: Part 1 - Bristile Pottery in Perth in 1955. Part 2 - Royale Porcelain Company in Thailand. - More recent and showing mechanized methods used today.

41. Shoji Hamada => A quiet and gentle video showing the unhurried techniques of a great Japanese potter.

42. Michael Cardew => Introduced by Ivan McMeekin. Michael Cardew explains many of his techniques during demonstrations.

43. Robin Hopper - Beginning to Throw on a Potters Wheel => An excellent video. Even if you can throw, it is still worth viewing.

44. Robin Hopper - Advanced Throwing, Extended and Altered Forms => Tall pots for people of "ordinary size and strength" and creative altering of thrown forms.

45. Maria - Maria Martinez => Noted india pottery maker demonstrates the traditional Indian ways. Clay gathering, pottery construction, decorating and firing.